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Something that tends to get lost in translation for people who are only attracted to people of one gender when trying to understand those of us attracted to more than one is that gender is often a lot less relevant—and sometimes even totally irrelevant—for many of us who are queer and attracted to people of more than one gender. Now, that can make some people feel more comfortable, while it makes others less so. If you’re someone, for instance, for whom gender is a huge part of who you are, then a partner who could care less if you were a man or a woman might feel uncomfortable. You might really want your femininity or womanhood to be something a partner is super duper into—for whom it is very relevant. I can’t speak for you in this regard to know, nor can I say how important or unimportant your gender is to your partner. But, on the whole, gender often is far less important to queer people than it is to straight people.
Get Real! He’s Queer, I’m Straight, and It’s Great, Except…
In a world which believes trans people are mentally ill and there is still no national protection against discrimination for LGBT people it’s hard to hear someone say “let’s get rid of these labels” and not hear “I’d rather you just not exist”. It’s difficult to argue against labels when society is still debating whether the people who own some labels are actually deserving of basic human rights. And it’s especially difficult to argue against them if you’re from a community with the privilege of never having had to fight for your right to exist in the same way.
The Post-Label Fallacy: Labels Matter | Disrupting Dinner Parties
And now for an exercise in absurdity: a nurse who refuses to prescribe contraception is suing a family planning clinic because it refused to hire her. It refused to hire her for a very simple reason, which probably seems obvious: It’s a family planning clinic, and she refused to perform family planning services. Rather than take that as a fairly reasonable basis for rejection, and conclude that perhaps she would be happier and of more use in a different context (a crisis pregnancy center, perhaps), the nurse decided to sue the clinic, claiming that it discriminated against her on the basis of her religion.
Gender & Sexuality Law Blog » Blog Archive » When Reality Becomes Satire: Anti-Contraception Nurse Sues Family Planning Clinic For Not Hiring Her
When Wall Street firms began buying rental units in bulk in 2011, experts warned that they had no history of managing large numbers of rental properties spread over hundreds of square miles, and would skimp on costs at the expense of tenants. Now, according to the first survey on the practice, those fears are being realized. Tenants report that Blackstone’s rental management resembles that of a slumlord. They rent properties with significant maintenance problems, fail to keep contact with their customers, and violate state and local laws.
Wall Street Slumlords: How Banks Started Buying Rental Units | New Republic
Lacking the desire or ability to understand what it’s like to not be centered, they do not or cannot concede that people might have good motives for creating characters other than straight white men, or trying to appeal to audiences other than people like themselves. Such is their entitlement. What they have no need or desire for, they think everyone else in the world has no need or desire for.
Fannie’s Room: Dude Writers Pissy About Newfangled Non-Male, Non-Straight Characters
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