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That’s pretty much the story with Republicans today. They’ll do whatever it takes—up to and including shutting down the government—to fight a program that’s helping millions of Americans to get health insurance (and millions more to get coverage that’s more comprehensive or more affordable). But they have no interest in crafting a replacement and, then, undertaking the politically difficult work of enacting it. Republicans keep saying that the stereotype about their party is wrong—that they really do care about the poor and uninsured. The claim would be more believable if they started acting that way.
GOP Hypocrisy on Obamacare, Uninsured, Medicaid | New Republic
So, the difference between a blowjob and a slice of pie is that (paid) blowjobs are toxic to the social fabric while pie offers either a net gain or a neutral contribution to society as a whole. I’ll leave the question of whether pie and/or fellatio perpetuate cultures of entitlement to someone who thinks this is at all relevant to a serious discussion of any sort of work. My view is that workers don’t need to answer to the social impacts of the products their labor might produce.
Katha Pollitt’s Quality Control | Jacobin
I’ve found my favourite human and because of all the amazing benefits of being in a relationship with him I chose not to get horizontal with anyone else. This however doesn’t cancel out my sexual history with anyone other than him, and certainly doesn’t stop my occasional cravings for some of that delicious raspberry ripple. I don’t think its unusual for people in monogamous relationships to find people other than their partner attractive, and to have had sexual experiences before committing to their current partners. So why do so many people lose their minds when I acknowledge that some of my passing attractions and past sexy times have been with women?
"Why do they ALWAYS assume I’m straight?": Bisexuality and the LTR | BiscuitBiscuit
Knowing that, how can we say that children suffering in abusive religious homeschooling situations will automatically be better off if the authorities get involved? I desperately want children to live in safety, to have opportunities to learn and explore, to feel able to express themselves honestly and grow in healthy environments. The problem then becomes how can we, as individuals, best help those children and teens around us to gain the safety they deserve?
When homeschooling is abusive - Idzie Desmarais
I tried to look up how many presidents have been grandfathers while serving in office. It’s pretty hard to look up because no one in the history of presidents has ever cared about whether or not they have grandchildren or will ever have grandchildren because it is truly one of the dumbest things to care about in the universe. But, if we were going to do some back-of-the-envelope guessing, I would estimate that like 85 percent of presidents had grandchildren before becoming presidents or while in office, seeing as how they were mostly all old white men, married to women, in eras when what women were supposed to do was have children, who then usually had children of their own, by the time the old white men got to be presidents.
Hillary Clinton: Grandmother in the White House? Who Cares! | New Republic
Fast-food workers begin each week with uncertainty. They do not know how many hours they will work or when those hours will be. They do not know whether they will come up with the cash — and it is always cash — to make it to the job. They do not know if the lights will still be on when they get home. They do not know where, in a few months, home will be. They hunt for cheaper or easier or safer, knowing that to combine them is impossible.
The Minimum Wage Worker Strikes Back — Medium
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