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As a graduate student (but teaching my own course), I was lecturing about the rise of the Nazi party in Germany on the eve of World War II.  A male student raised his hand and asked how Nazis “killed people” during the war.  A little confused, I asked him to provide circumstances, as methods varied from context to context (e.g. extermination camps, labor camps, military situations, etc.).  He nodded proudly and said that he was pleased I asked that question, because “few people understand” how the Nazis executed people outside of the Holocaust.  I told him we could continue the discussion after class, to which he answered, ” That’s okay, I was just testing you.  My dad was telling about this, and I wanted to make sure you already knew.”  Thankfully, my entire class knew that I was credible as an authority figure thanks to {Male Student} and his father.

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